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The world's largest hydraulic press, Wuxi
browse: time:2017-10-08
Has the world's largest tonnage hydraulic machine in Jiangyin Lingang Development Zone in line. The "Big Mac" by the Jiangsu Guoguang heavy machinery limited company independent production reached 19500 tons, has completed more than the previous CITIC Heavy 18500 tons of records, participate in the research and design of China Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co. Ltd. as Xianbiao researcher said, the aircraft carrier deck and large ball valve (product purchase supply), heavy forgings nuclear power plant equipment the required can depend on the development of forging machine at.
Guoguang heavy machine production workshop, this "giant" hydraulic machine is forging 90 tons of ship rudder, which is the first product after putting into production, the steel column in a huge press seems to be "dough" was easily repeated forging. Chairman Zhang Guofang, the largest companies had done work is 88 tons of steel ingot and forging, forging hydraulic press the maximum capacity of the new line is 450 tons, the production capacity was increased by more than 5 times more, its technical level has improved significantly, can realize autonomous manufacturing of some large domestic nuclear power, hydropower, wind rotor electrical equipment required, reducing reliance on imported products, cost savings.
"In addition to forging press tonnage of the world's largest, blessings and blessings of torque operation machine is currently the world's largest, control the operation level is in the forefront of the world." Zhang Guofang said, because the crack of large-scale forging manufacturing technical problems, the forgings it processed in the market can also grasp the absolute pricing power, greatly enhance the enterprise in the market competition. It is reported that, after the hydraulic machine is put into use, the large heavy hydrogenation unit, the steam turbine rotor and other single weight over 100 tons of new products will be introduced to the market.

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