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Application range and selection system of small hydraulic press
browse: time:2017-10-12
For small hydraulic machine: 1, all kinds of mobile phone or remote silicone, plastic button punching, whole or partial cutting of plastic products; 2, all kinds of mobile phone, digital camera, notebook computer LCD screen protective film cutting, all kinds of stickers, trademarks of precision cutting, cutting off half; 3, all kinds of PV, PE, PC etc. film switch, film panel embossing and forming drums; 4, soft circuit lines of various portable computer keyboard pressing and forming.
Hydraulic power system small hydraulic machine used in Taiwan or Japan original parts, low failure high efficiency, low noise, small horsepower, easy maintenance, adjustment of output, speed and travel convenience. Can also be designed for fast and slow action, the first fast down, and then slow pressure, and then rapid recovery, greatly improve efficiency.

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